Spatial Reader User Guide

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Spatial Reader(Geoscope) User Guide





1.0 Publishing Reader Files

1.1  How to install SpatialIQ - Spatial Reader Software

1.2  How to open Spatial Reader files

1.3  An overview of the Spatial Reader interface

1.4  How to switch layers on and off the map

1.5  How to add Google Maps or Bing Maps as a background layer

1.6  How to use the Map Navigation Tools

1.7  How to use the Inspector Tool

1.8  How to use the Measure Tool

1.9  How to use the Copy Coordinates Tool

1.10  How to work with Map Labels

1.11  How to work with Map Themes

1.12  How to work with Layer Data Grids

1.13  How to use the Map Selection tools- Select by Square, Circle or Polygon

1.14  How to use the Select by Location Tool

1.15  How to Copy or Export a Spatial Reader map